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Photography is omnipresent in the age of the social web. Many users are following the trend of attaching importance to real quality in their photos instead of the quick smartphone snapshot. The basis of a good photo is ideal camera alignment and brilliant image sharpness. This is where tripods come into play.

Especially for longer exposure times and in sports and wildlife photography, you are well advised to use high-quality tripods from renowned manufacturers, such as Manfrotto, Rollei or Leofoto. This way, even amateurs will succeed in taking professional-looking and razor-sharp photos. Among the tripods designed for a wide variety of purposes, every photographer will find the right model. Regardless of whether you want to take beyond the usual family or vacation snapshots and dare to take your first steps in the direction of nature or panorama photography or whether you are already an experienced professional photographer - the wide range of first-class tripods leaves nothing to be desired.

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The highly developed tripods enable more precise image composition and offer optimum stability. This makes detailed time-lapse photography, effective exposure bracketing and impressive macro shots effortless. Depending on which techniques and photo locations one prefers, different tripod types and tripod head types, for example made of aluminum, carbon or wood, come into question. Flexible and ultra-light tripods from Joby Gorillapod, for example, are the ideal solution for active vacation photographers. They can be set up on almost any surface, stored in a space-saving manner and are individually adjustable.
Monopods consist of a screw connection for the camera or a tripod head and the extendable telescopic leg. These tripods give the complete system flexible and stable support, which is why they are particularly suitable for shooting moving objects, such as in sports photography.
A tripod is used when using long focal lengths or in macro photography, when absolute low vibration is essential. Easy-to-use 2- or 3-way panheads and ball heads make camera alignment a breeze.
For indoor shoots, light stands are ideal. They provide the perfect illumination for individual expressiveness and authentic moods in the picture. shoulder tripods are the right choice for mobile photographers, for example for interviews and event documentation. So-called hovering tripodse additionally isolate the camera from external movements, so that grandiose action shots or lively animal documentations with seemingly "flying" camera movement can be achieved. Innovative video heads, for example from Manfrotto, can be combined with all photo tripods and ensure safe panning and precise tilting movements during shoots. The selfie sticks, especially popular with the younger generation, for example from Benro, are also available in various designs. The diverse product range of quality tripods is just as suitable for the ambitious recreational photographer looking for an inexpensive all-round solution as it is for the successful commercial photographer.

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