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Snapshot Magazine Behind the Scenes CoverSnapshot Magazine No. 68 "Behind the Scenes

Current issue: Schnappschuss No. 68 "Behind the Scenes

The new issue of Schnappschuss magazine is titled "Behind the Scenes". We invite you to take a look behind the scenes with us and discover the stories behind the pictures!

What actually happens before the shutter button is pressed? We were allowed to take a look behind the scenes of professional photo shoots and real Hollywood productions and learn first-hand how much work and planning goes into many a spontaneous-looking shot. But it's not just celebrity photographers and Hollywood stars who are in the spotlight here. We also got to talk to photographers whose work itself gives them a glimpse behind the scenes and reveals secrets that would otherwise probably have remained hidden forever.

We hope you enjoy reading and that we can inspire you!

The new Schnappschuss is here and is now available for you free of charge in the Düsseldorf storeand enclosed in many packages ! Of course you can also read the magazine digitally as an e-paper here.

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Snapshot - Magazine by Foto Koch. Creative modern content and design

In the design of our Schnappschuss magazine, we always emphasize creativity and versatility in the topics, as well as in the artists. Each issue has its own theme, which is interpreted and designed in a variety of ways. The main aspect of our photo magazine is less on the technical level, but mainly on the artistic and creative level. It is about photographic projects of different artists who inspire with their works. With a lot of effort and individuality we design our photo magazine so that it clearly stands out from others and represents something very special.

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