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Leica medium format cameras

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The medium format from Leica

The traditional company from Wetzlar sets new standards in the field of digital medium format photography. With the S series, Leica is targeting the demands of professional photographers.
The Leica S system was first introduced in 2009 and has been continuously developed ever since. This has resulted in cameras that are second to none. In terms of image quality and workmanship, there are hardly any cameras that can stand comparison. During the development of this system, special attention was paid to uncomplicated handling, extreme robustness, perfect coordination of the components and compactness. In the digital medium format segment, a new sensor size of 30 mm x 45 mm in a 3:2 ratio was developed especially for the system. Thus, this sensor is almost twice as large as the digital full-frame. The larger medium format sensor can absorb more light and therefore has a larger dynamic range and better detail accuracy. A higher color depth guarantees the capture of more color nuances than before. The further development of the system also includes an increase in image quality and sensor sensitivity as well as a larger working memory.
A large selection of S lenses, from extreme wide-angle to medium telephoto, round off the range. But lenses from other manufacturers can also be used without any problems using the Leica S adapters, in some cases even without any functional restrictions, including autofocus.