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Bundles with Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II Set incl. Tasche DCC-1880 + 16BG GB Karte

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II + Unterwassergehäuse WP-DC 55 - Unterwasserset -

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Bundles with Fujifilm X100VI

Fujifilm X100VI + Weather-Resistant Kit silber

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Fujifilm X100VI silber + SmallRig 4556 L-Griff

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Fujifilm X100VI silber + SmallRig 4558 Ledertasche

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2. July | LIVE-TALK: Leica D-Lux 8 - More than a lifestyle camera | with Paul Hüttemann

On Tuesday 2 July, we will be talking to photographer and filmmaker Paul Hüttemann about the new Leica D-Lux 8, the new premium compact camera from Wetzlar. In our conversation with Paul, we will find out what the camera is capable of, how it helps you to capture the really special moments and whether it is perhaps even more than just a lifestyle camera!

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Bundles with Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III Battery Kit incl. Zusatzakku schwarz

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We can recommend as an alternative: Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III schwarz

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Canon Powershot G7X Mark III Vlogger Kit incl 64 GB SD-Karte schwarz

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Bundles with Hoppstar Kinderkamera Artist

Hoppstar Kinderkamera Artist inkl. 3er Papierrollen Nachfüllpack oat

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Bundles with Sony Vlog-Kamera ZV-1

Sony Vlog-Kamera ZV-1 + Bluetooth-Griff GP-VPT2BT

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Sony Vlog-Kamera ZV-1 + Bluetooth Mikrofon ECM-W2BT

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Sony Vlog-Kamera ZV-1 + Bluetooth Mikrofon + Bluetooth Griff

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Sony Vlog-Kamera ZV-1 + Bluetooth Mikrofon + Bluetooth Griff + Akku

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Bundles with Sony Cybershot DSC-RX 100 VII

Sony Cybershot DSC-RX 100 VII Special Edition

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Bundles with Ricoh GR III

Ricoh GR III + Akku DB-110

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Pentax WG-90

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Pentax WG-90

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Compact always with you camera for photographers & enthusiasts

Compact cameras are where many photographers like to scoff, but these cameras are usually better than their reputation! Small compact cameras offer the big advantage in terms of weight, compactness and flexibility. They can usually be stowed away anywhere and thus offer the possibility of surpassing the resolution of a cell phone. Most digital cameras have an optical zoom, which many smartphones often try to compensate for with a digital zoom. However, a digital zoom very quickly makes the quality of the image no longer look respectable.

Their low price also makes it possible for young people in particular to use a camera and perhaps try out new things and discover a new hobby for themselves. TikTok and Instagram have revitalized the charm of older cameras, including some past compact cameras.

What characterizes modern compact cameras?

Modern compact cameras are characterized by a combination of advanced technology, compact design and versatile features. Here are some features that set modern compact cameras apart from older models:

1. Image quality and sensor size:

Modern compact cameras use advanced image sensors that deliver impressive image quality despite their compact size. Some models are equipped with larger sensors that offer better low-light performance and improved dynamic range.

2. Lens technology:

Modern compact cameras feature high-quality lenses with a range of focal lengths and zoom options. Some models even offer interchangeable lenses to increase flexibility in selecting the appropriate lens for different shooting situations.

3. Image stabilization:

Most modern compact cameras are equipped with advanced image stabilization technology to minimize camera shake and blur when shooting. This is particularly useful for telephoto shots or in low light situations.

4. Automatic modes and scene recognition:

Modern compact cameras offer a wide range of automatic shooting modes that allow users to achieve good results without in-depth photographic knowledge. These cameras often automatically recognize the type of scene (portrait, landscape, macro, etc.) and adjust the settings accordingly.

5. Manual control and RAW shooting:

Some modern compact cameras also offer the option of manual settings to give more experienced photographers more control over exposure, aperture, shutter speed, etc. In addition, many compact cameras support shooting in RAW format, which offers more flexibility for post-processing.

6. Connectivity and sharing:

Modern compact cameras are often equipped with wireless features such as WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC. This allows users to quickly transfer photos and videos to smartphones or computers and share them on social media.

7. Video recording:

Many modern compact cameras are capable of recording high-resolution video, including full HD and even 4K. This makes them attractive not only for photographers, but also for videographers. Vloggers in particular find a digital camera an ideal partner in some cases, as they usually offer a zoom lens that covers a wide angle up to a small telephoto focal length range, giving the videos a very unique dynamic.

Perfect vlogging cameras

8. Creative modes and effects:

Modern compact cameras often offer a variety of creative effects, filters and shooting modes that allow users to expand their photographic expression and create unique images.

9. Touch screen and intuitive user interface:

Many modern compact cameras are equipped with touchscreens that facilitate operation and menu navigation. This adds to the ease of use, especially for those who are familiar with smartphones. In summary, modern compact cameras offer a balanced combination of performance, portability and ease of use that is attractive to both beginners and experienced photographers.

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With the Lumix S9, Panasonic is focusing on a camera that is aimed at everyone, a camera that offers you creative freedom, by using Live LUTs and the new Lumix APP for your smartphone, the camera is aimed at people who no longer want to spend hours editing on their PC.

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The best cameras for beginners / novices

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Sony ZV-1F - your new vlogging camera?

The new Sony ZV-1F is the perfect entry-level vlogging camera for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. It's the perfect upgrade for influencers and content creators who have only worked with their smartphones.

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New: Sony Alpha ZV-E10 - Perfect for content creators?

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Street photography with the Ricoh GRIII

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The best travel cameras for your next vacation

Summertime is travel time! Most people at least go on vacation during the summer months and go on top photographic performances because they always have their camera ready to shoot. And for good reason, as you can get more subjects in front of your lens in a short space of time than ever before. Which camera to take with you, however, is usually a very difficult and always individual question.

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